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The Inland Empire, with its rich history and its diverse and breathtaking architecture, is a charming place for families to find both home and community. Walking through the doors of an old house — whether it’s a Craftsman with ceiling of heavy beams, the fancy molding of a Victorian, or the clean lines of a Mid-Century Modern — we are inspired by the great workmanship, the awe of yesteryear, echoes of a community in simpler times with its pride of ownership. Each era has given us breathtaking architecture, encapsulating our heritage and laying the foundation of our culture — a unique way of life. In this community, dotted with orange trees and universities, our founding fathers believed in honest hard work and attention to detail, and it shows in every aspect of our homes. It ensures that our past is incorporated into our present. 

As caretakers of these beautiful structures, which some of us seek to preserve and some to bring into modern times, we share the goal of preserving our past by repurposing the homes we grew up in to meet today’s needs. But at the same time, we preserve the history along with our homes’ character. Gracious living has long been a Riverside tradition. Our city was founded by health seekers and business-minded people who saw great opportunity in our city by the river.  In those early days, a housewarming gift from Washington DC in 1879 helped establish our community as the wealthiest city per capita in the nation.  Over the years, we grew into a thriving community with three universities sporting great advancements in technology, the arts and culture. 

As you travel the streets, house after house displays the amazing architectural detail that adorns our homes. These are homes that have stood the test of time, cherished with solid values, oozing with charm right down to the doorknobs. Architects such as Julianna Morgan (famous for her design of Hearst Castle), Henry L.A. Jekyll, and Robert Spurgeon all have left their print on Riverside history in their design of our homes and buildings. 

Jennifer represents these long-departed architects by sharing their delight in line and curve and by representing them and finding unique ways of pairing the needs of her clients with the needs of a special home. These homes not just another house to be bought and sold but a place where memories are made, traditions are treasured and our past is respected. These are not cookie-cutter copies but homes with history and character. 

Growing up in Riverside, Jennifer learned to appreciate its history, and she is passionately dedicated to preserving this aspect of her community. She honors the community that she and her family call home by being involved in the Riverside Historical Society and Old Riverside Foundation and many other organizations that believe our past deserves to remain a vibrant part of our lives today, and ensure that Riverside's history will continue to be told. Jennifer is a longtime Riverside resident and mother of two children. Much like these historic homes, Jennifer treats every transaction with that same pride and attention-to-detail. Jennifer takes great joy in matching your needs with the needs of the home. When you decide you need to buy or sell a vintage or historical home, ensure the preservation of our priceless past by choosing Jennifer. 

Placing Value On Our Past  

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